Photo Gallery

Riverside Bowl Studio’s Favorite Photos

Bringing home a load of walnut and cherry logs.

Thanks to son, David, for helping to move a load of huge walnut logs.

Marc with one of Harrisburg’s huge elm trees that came down in the May 2011 storms.

Loading the elm logs into my truck.

Marc with rough elm bowls.

Getting ready for Riverside’s first bowl open house.

Aunt Sybil’s salad bowl put to good (and delicious) use.

Tim and Diane’s beautiful cherry salad bowl.

David’s Apple wood fruit bowl filled with… apples!

Paula’s Box Elder salad bowl- and a delicious salad.

Irene with her huge Beech tree.  The tree was about 150 years old and stood 80 feet high, over 4 feet in diameter at the base.  The tree had become diseased and had to be removed.  A tree service used a huge crane to handle the job.  Fortunately, they left a few pieces for turning some bowls.

Suzie and Marc, along with Susan and Chuck and their one-of-a-kind 20 inch Cherry Bowl.